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- Bremerton
2010 Dodge Caliber
Very good people , they’re nice and understand every situation no matter how hard it is , thanks Harver and Mikey for helping me .
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Hailee Thompson
- Bremerton
2007 Nissan Versa
I had a great experience at Shannons. It was the first time I purchased a car from a dealership and had a great and friendly experience. They even worked with me on the price of my vehicle.
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Dayna Benefield
- Kingston
2011 Kia Soul
I recently purchased my 2011 Kia Soul from Shannons Auto Sales. The sales staff were absolutely amazing. Very friendly and went above and beyond. My credit is not the best but they were able to get me into a great car for a decent down payment and monthly payments that definitely work for me. I would highly recommend Shannons Auto Sales to anyone I know who is purchasing a new car. Thank you so much.
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Thomas Simpson
- Bremeton
2010 Toyota Prius
This is the BEST place to get a car! They are super friendly, 100% honest and overall great people! I was able to get a car for very little down, and an amazing financing option. The process was super easy, and I felt very confident in my purchase. Way to go Shannons!!
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Suzi Perry
2005 Toyota Camry
Just purchased my 3rd car in 9 years from Shannon Auto's. The 1st, a 2001 Daewoo is still being driven by my daughter and the 2nd, a 2000 Honda Accord was recently broadsided and totaled, I loved that car! I just got a 2005 Toyota Camry and it is beautiful! The staff at Shannon's is amazing and so helpful, they worked with me to help finance my car and even held it(for a small deposit) until my insurance money came through. Thank you Harvey!! Will always check Shannon's first if I am ever in need of new transportation!
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Grace Dowden
- Bremerton
2008 Hyundai Santa Fe
Harvey was helpful and patient.l was there and checked it out twice before coming back to buy it. The paperwork was easy and all the staff werehelpful polite and friendly.
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Teri Whiteside
- Port Orchard
2007 BMW 530i
I passed Shannon's Auto Sales every day on my way to work. I saw a vehicle I was interested in and waited and watched to see if it would sell before my resolve did to not buy a vehicle this year. After a few weeks, I stopped in to just have a closer look. Barry and Harvey both worked with me to drive a few cars and let me know that the car I had had my eye on had sold to someone else. Still, they were patient as I stopped in a few more times "just to look". When I test drove the 530i, it was love. I knew that I had actually found the car that would convey me back and forth safely to work every day. I knew my budget and Barry worked hard to make sure that the car and my budget fit together without any unexpected problems. I couldn't ask for more from an auto dealer. They did not keep me in the office any longer than necessary and they let me decide for myself which car I could afford and needed. Thank you guys. I will be seeing you again! Teri
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Debby Keith
- Southworth
2007 Nissan Mirano
My entire experience buying my car today from beginning to end was awesome. Harvey was very helpful and kind and made me feel at ease in what i anticipated as possibly being a stressful day. I will definitely be recommending Shannons to everyone i know for their car shopping needs. I couldn't stop driving around showing my car off to everyone, i love it. Thank you so much to everyone at Shannons.
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Christopher Rockseth
- Bremerton
2001 Hyundai Elantra
Harvey was amazing to work with. He addressed all of our concerns and was able to keep the financing within our budget. We will definitely come back due to the wonderful experience we had at Shannon's.
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Clayton Carlson
- Poulsbo
2009 Dodge Charger
Harvey was outstanding. I usually feel uneasy whenever I purchase a vehicle. Makes no difference if it's new or used. This car has a ding or two but for the very low miles and year I could not pass up this deal. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for reasonably priced vehicles. Financing with one of their lenders gave me a better rate them using my own which was shocking.
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